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Korea Electric Power Group's Integrated Cabling Products 2019 Channel Partner Conference Held

When the good rain is known, spring is happening. With the drizzle in the south of the Yangtze River, the partners of Korea Electric Power Integrated Wiring Co., Ltd. from all over the country gathered at the headquarters of Korea Electric Power Group.

Mr. Shen Xiaofeng, Vice President of the Group, fully affirmed the achievements of Hantel in 2018 in terms of market sales, product quality, brand enhancement, etc., and put forward clear requirements and guidance for market development in 2019. President Shen pointed out that we need to deepen communication and cooperation with agents, and to sum up experience based on previous cooperation. In 2018, we moved into the new Cidong factory, added a new production line, expanded the production scale, and improved the level of production technology to ensure that we can better provide partners with efficient and rapid service support. Breakthrough and innovation, rapid development, sales volume has reached a new level in three years.

      Next, Mr. Deng Lidong, the general manager of Korea Telecom, made a market report on "Deeply Ploughing Channels, Penetrating the Industry, and Writing a New Milestone for Korea Electric's Integrated Wiring". Based on the good development trends of Handian's integrated wiring in recent years, the distribution of international and domestic markets, annual sales performance, market expansion, and brand building work, a summary of the major projects and honors that Handian's integrated wiring participated in in 2018 It briefly explained with certification, and also analyzed the deficiencies made in 2018 and proposed improvement measures. It also elaborated on the market planning and development strategy of Korea Electric Power's integrated wiring in 2019, and clearly proposed 2019. The channel market is marching into the industry information market, and the company will also shift the focus of all resources to the industry market!

      Excellent results are inseparable from the support of partners. Based on the outstanding performance of sales performance, market expansion, and major project cases in 2018, more than ten outstanding agents have been selected. Among them are Handian's new customers and South Korea. Electricity's old customers, but they are constantly harvesting new markets in the market of Korea Electric ’s integrated wiring area channel, and constantly promote the Korea Electric brand to enter the market front line, intensive cultivation, and enlarge and strengthen the regional market. In the past year, it is their hard work that has made the Korean electric power brand stand out in the domestic integrated wiring market, and its reputation has continued to increase. Today ’s honor is our affirmation for all of them and at the same time it also gives Korean electric cable Agents set an example. I believe that in the future, there will be many excellent agents standing on this podium, with this honor and harvest.

Finally, a senior engineer of Hantel Communications explained to us the report on the new trends in the development of integrated wiring technology, an in-depth analysis of the current status of the development of integrated wiring technology, and a discussion of the new trends in the development of the communication cable industry and integrated wiring technology. Partners have benefited a lot, have a fuller understanding of the development prospects of the industry, and are full of hope and expectation.

       In 2019, new hopes are bred, and new glories are contained. I believe that as long as we work together and work hard, Korea Telecom will have a brighter tomorrow!

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