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All people pay attention to fire protection, life safety comes first

In order to improve employees' fire awareness, enhance their emergency response ability and self-protection ability in an emergency, so that each employee has a certain degree of fire prevention knowledge. Eliminate hidden fire hazards, learn about fire protection knowledge and use of fire equipment. On May 14, 2019, Korea Telecom held a fire drill, which was carried out in an orderly and intensive manner according to a pre-established plan and achieved complete success.

The fire drill included the group security leader Shen Jiangang and the group security office director Xu Mingfeng. At 1:30 pm on the same day, an emergency alarm sounded at the emergency response point, and employees of various departments immediately stopped their work and evacuated the site in an orderly manner according to a planned route to the designated emergency escape meeting place. After the departments had counted the number of people, the group security leader Shen Jiangang introduced the use of fire extinguishers and precautions to everyone, and introduced the company's fire safety management requirements and fire hazards. Department employees also participated in the actual fire extinguisher operation. Finally, Xu Mingfeng, director of the Group Safety Office, summarized the fire drill and put forward improvement requirements for the deficiencies.

Through this fire drill, employees' awareness of prevention and emergency self-rescue ability have been enhanced, and valuable experience has been provided for real fire accident emergency operations. We have also seen the continuation of life, the selflessness and fearlessness, and more fully reflect our essence. There is a panic escape in the panic. This is our respect for life. The responsibility for safety is greater than the sky. In front of life, we must pay attention to our own responsibility, and set up a strong fortress for our lives. To block out unsafe factors, to stifle the sprouts in the cradle, to implement safety rules for the sake of life.

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