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Together, building a dream voyage

Liyun Mountains, see Qiuchi full. Take the Chaotian Pier and divide it into two rivers. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is firm and flexible. The night rain of Fuba Mountain is the name of Chongqing alone. On July 13, 2019, the 2019 Midea Sales Conference of Handian Integrated Wiring was held in Chongqing, a beautiful mountain city.

First of all, Deng Lidong, the general manager of Korea Telecom made a summary of the overall work in the first half of the meeting. With the joint efforts of all my colleagues, with the full support of leaders at all levels of the company, in line with the purpose of serving customers, we focus on optimizing services, business development, Improve brand awareness and maximize the common interests of partners. Through solid work, we successfully completed the sales and market development goals for the first half of 2019. At the same time, it has made effective explorations in project conflict management and industry customer development. At the meeting, President Deng deeply analyzed how to carry out marketing work in the second half of the year, put forward specific work requirements in channel development, project tracking, industry customer development, and brand building, and called on all front-line sales officers to continue and go all out Better fulfill the sales task target for 2019.

    Next, our regional manager conducted a summary of market sales work in the first half of the year and a work plan for the second half of the year ...

At the end of the meeting, Vice President Shen Xiaofeng summarized the sales work in the first half of 2019 and put forward the work requirements for the second half. President Shen pointed out that the performance of telecommunications companies has grown steadily in the first half of the year. However, in the complex and changing economic situation at home and abroad, in the face of the current domestic slump market situation, we must deepen channels and actively develop secondary markets. We must not rely too much on mature In the old market, the market situation is changing rapidly, and we must plan ahead. In the case of bottlenecks in brand growth and confusion in the future market, it is even more necessary to explore the coexistence of multiple sales models, and actively adjust the work idea, keep up with market development, and avoid competition in the low-priced market. , Retain old customers and win new customers with quality services that satisfy customers. As long as we are confident, Korea Electric will definitely be more successful in 2019 and take it to a new level.

Korea Telecom has always focused on skills training, quality training and product knowledge training for its sales team. Through a series of training courses arranged on the second day, we can effectively expand the potential of employees, improve and strengthen personal sales quality, and let our sales managers know more about the company and products. Let our team have higher work enthusiasm and hard work and innovation, making the team more cohesive.

     In 2019, Korea Electric Power competes for upstream ...

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